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​Honeybee Facts

Honeybees are not native to the United States.  They are European in origin.  The early settlers brought them to North America.

Honeybees are not aggressive by nature.  They will not sting unless protecting their hive from an intruder or are unduly provoked.

Honeybees represent a highly organized society.  Various bees have very specific roles during their lifetime: e.g., nurses, guards, grocers, housekeepers, construction workers, royal attendants, undertakers, foragers, etc.

The queen bee can live for several years. Worker bees live for six weeks during the busy summer, and for four to nine months during the winter months.

The practice of honey collection and beekeeping dates back to the Stone Age, as evidenced by cave paintings.

The honeybee hive is perennial.  Although quite inactive during the winter, the honeybee survives the winter months by clustering for warmth.  By self-regulating the internal temperature of the cluster, the bees maintain 93 degrees Fahrenheit in the center of the winter cluster, regardless of the outside temperature.


Henderson County Co-op Extension Expo Center
3341 Zion Road, Henderson, Kentucky 42420

Monthly Meetings ARE

THE 2ND Monday OF each MONTH beginNG at 7:00.  We have refreshments and social time beginning at 6:30   Any questions you may call 270 339-7245




November 9 , Regular Bee Club Meeting, Refreshments and social time  begin at 6:30

December 14. Christmas Party beginning at 6:30, Finger Foods Pot Luck

Dirty Santa

Be sure to mark calendar for Audubon Bee School coming up March 5, 2016



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January 11

February 8

March 5---Bee School

March 14

April 11

May 9

June 13---Elect New Officers

July 11

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August 26--Work at State Fair

September 12


November 14

December 12--Christmas Party